About Me

Human beings are learning creatures. They are naturally curious and want to master understanding of what surrounds them, as long as the learning process is not interrupted.  My high school homeschool experience has been an uninterrupted continuation of all my prior learning.  What kinds of things can interrupt learning?  Anything that introduces extraneous “noise” into the equation.  Like grades.  Like narrow, pre-conceived notions of how information and ideas should be communicated and explored.  Like ugly institutional buildings.  Like 30 kids to one teacher, and treating everyone the same, one-size fits all.  Like time limits on how much time can be spent on each subject at one time.  Without these limitations, I continued from birth to age 19 to reach from one branch to the next, eager to explore the world in which I have found myself, to create, to observe, to think … to learn.

Below I have included a video that I made as part of the application process for Quest University, which is the college I will be attending.  In the video I give an explanation of my educational journey while home schooling.