American Government

During my junior year, I took an OHG American Government course taught by Claudia Applegate. For the this class we used the Prentice Hall Magruder’s American Government textbook by William A. McClenaghan.  The course ran through both semesters, and we met for class once a month.  Each student would read a full unit between each class.  Also, as part of our assignment, we all answered the review questions at the end of each chapter and brought them to class.  In class we would review the main topics from the chapters and then Claudia would present examples of things currently happening in the government that represented concepts we were studying.  We also had a couple speakers visit class. They discussed with us about aspects of the government ranging from the federal reserve to the federal court system.  In this class we also took a field trip to the Oakland County courthouse where we sat in and observed a few trail sessions.

the textbook

By thoroughly reviewing the textbook, completing the assignments, and participating in class, I gained proficient knowledge of high school level American government.  I learned about the foundations of the American Government, political behaviors, the legislative/executive/judicial branches of the government, and about the things the state level local governments handle.